Why choose us?

For far too long, the practice of law has stagnated under bloated structures and dated conventions. No longer. Reintroducing Woods Rogers. We are the fusion of two historic Virginia firms, but together we are more than the sum of new parts.

Today, our impact reverberates throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. We are not another merged firm trying to carve space for ourselves on the legal landscape—we are a new force in the market and we are redefining the legal experience for our clients.

This is Woods Rogers today. Our firm is a response to the shifting needs of the market, and we believe we can offer something truly uncommon in the legal space.

A fundamentally different mentality.

We recognize the single best way to advance our clients is to remain focused on them. Everything we do is a reflection of that mindset. 

We believe we can deliver exceptional services and solutions to clients in ways that are not just intelligent, but efficient. As a result, we do not churn cases ineffectively. We do not need to bill our clients excessively to keep the lights on. Most importantly, we do not race to plant flags on top of each other, because we are too busy hoisting them for our clients.

An exceptional quality of work.

We provide exceptional legal services across regions, disciplines, and markets. From promising startups to the Fortune 200, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to support our clients in the most complex, high-profile matters anywhere. We bring a holistic perspective and a deep command of the practices in which we focus, and our bench helps us effectively deliver quality across markets.

Our product here is excellent work. What does that mean? That means thinking big, but it also means attention to detail. It means being professional, informed, and responsive. Sometimes, it simply means staying nimble and quick on our feet.

Whatever the need, our ability to seamlessly work across practices with clients ensures that we are more than just a safe firm—we are the new firm of choice. We have the ability to see and connect the dots across disciplines to keep our clients ahead of their legal and regulatory challenges, wherever they happen to be.

Oriented around the business needs of our clients.

We are attorneys, but our client relationships stretch much deeper. More than attorneys, we see ourselves as business partners. We take great pride in the business success of our clients. We value what they do, and we serve them relentlessly. 

We always focus on the big picture, and we offer commercially minded creative solutions. Our lawyers have advanced degrees and past careers that bring a real-world understanding and perspective to our counsel. We do it all with the firm understanding that what a client needs always comes before what we want.

Powered by people you want to work alongside.

We bring more than just raw legal talent to the table. Our clients like us and they trust us. Likeability is not a nice-to-have; it is a defining part of our culture.

When you enjoy the company of your colleagues, it creates more than a more personable experience: it creates an environment conducive to growth and success. Ours is an exceptional firm, and our people are the commonality. Our bios are not just accolades and credentials; they are living, breathing representations of the people who shape this organization.

Unified by a great culture.

Our culture is what distinguishes us—it is the anchoring element beneath all we do.

Our merging firms shared similar cultures of cooperation. Together, we are driven by an innovative spirit. We are bigger today but determined to remain nimble and personal. We refuse to be rigid in our thinking and complacent in our strategies. We are not hierarchical and bureaucratic in nature, which means everything from communication to collaboration is much easier. Our clients have access to partners, transparency, candor, and responsiveness.

From embracing flexible working arrangements to engaging virtually with clients, we are building for the long term.

Completely connected to the communities that surround us.

Our roots are firmly embedded in one of the most vibrant and dynamic communities anywhere—the Commonwealth of Virginia. We do not just look to enter the community; we look to lead.

Our attorneys are coaches, teachers, volunteers, and social contributors. We want to retain a connection to our community because this is exactly where we want to be. This is who we are today. This is what we bring to the market.

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