Woods Rogers is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion at every level. We recruit, hire, promote, and retain a diverse team of attorneys and staff. As counselors of the law, living out the tenets of justice is what we do. Our JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion) Committee is dedicated to reinforcing these core values within the firm and within the communities we serve.  

Core Philosophy

Ours is an exceptional firm, and our people are the commonality. Our bios aren’t just accolades and credentials. They’re living, breathing representations of the people who shape this place and empathy courses throughout all of it. 

Our workplace is a collaborative environment that encourages employees to build great teams and find creative solutions to legal issues. We respect the unique experiences that come from our own backgrounds and those of our clients. Every case or legal issue presents more than one perspective, which is precisely why diversity and inclusion are essential in helping our clients succeed. Recognizing and understanding different viewpoints helps us provide exceptional client service.  

JEDI Initiatives

The JEDI Committee’s work is centered on four key initiatives: 

JEDI in Action

Each JEDI initiative is led by a sub-group of the committee accountable for developing and implementing tactics to achieve a defined set of objectives. The committee reports quarterly to the Woods Rogers Board of Directors to ensure progress on the initiatives and alignment with the firm’s strategic plan. 

Current initiatives include: 

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