Virginia CDPA Lands: What You Need To Know

 | 2:00 pm EST
Speaking Engagement
Virginia is officially the second state after California to pass a comprehensive privacy law. The Consumer Data Protection Act (‘CDPA’) establishes definitions regarding precise geolocation data, targeted advertising, and the sale of personal data and would grant data subjects with a range of rights including access and opt-out rights. Additionally, organizations will be subject to vendor management obligations as well as data security and data protection assessment requirements.
Join OneTrust DataGuidance and an expert panel from Woods Rogers for a reactionary webinar looking at the newly introduced CDPA. In this webinar we will discuss first impressions of the Act, the benefits and challenges it may present, and a potential timeline and future predictions for the Act.
Key takeaways include:
  • Initial reaction to the CDPA
  • Key obligations for organizations and comparison to CCPA / CPRA programs
  • Future predictions for the Act and its current status in the legislative cycle

Speakers: Beth Burgin Waller John Pilch


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