A Note from Victor Cardwell on Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Recognizing MLK Day 2022

The purpose of this note was to be certain we commemorate this very special holiday—in whatever fashion you decide. Forgive a debt, assist a neighbor, make a friend. Do something to make your community and our world a better place. Too often lately, we are focused on the righteousness of our position, how wrong our adversary is, thinking he must be out to harm me, or simply doesn’t agree with me and thus is wrong.

We would ask you to reconsider all of those thoughts. Consider that now is the time for all of us to be a part of the solution for making our local communities, Virginia, and the world, a better place. We know those are big dreams, but what better time to dream big than now?

Dr. King dedicated his adult life to service and working to improve the lives of others. In fact, the quote on his memorial in Washington, DC speaks to his depth. As professionals, we are fortunate to work in a way and place that allows others to put their trust in us. We are in this position due in no small part to our educations. That said, Dr. King knew more was needed to be truly educated and he stated,  “We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of a true education.”

Dr. King found his way to Virginia many times, and his time here is well chronicled. When he was unable to attend a meeting in Richmond, he sent a letter, a part of which stated, “Virginia, in this critical hour, has the opportunity to give direction and destiny to our troubled South. As Virginia goes, so goes the South, perhaps America and the world.” January 1, 1959.

As a Virginian and a member of a law firm that is critical to our profession in this great Commonwealth, I take pride in knowing Virginia still matters to our region and beyond. That said, our firm’s history has been significant in how Virginia goes, and I would suggest our firm’s history is still unfolding. With that belief, I am very proud that Woods Rogers is a “Virginia Firm” and we continue to impact how our communities work together in minor and major ways.

MLK Day is intended to be a Day of Service, and in the face of a snowstorm and other time pressures, let’s take the full week to meet find ways to help a neighbor, make a donation, or simply keep that spirit alive throughout this week, this month, the year or a lifetime. Regardless of what you decide to do, even if it is merely a moment of reflection, please do something that advances all of our goals of making Wood Rogers, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the world a better place.


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