Beth Waller Shares Four Legal Surprises You May Encounter Following a Cybersecurity Incident

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In an article published on Thursday, September 28 on, WRVB Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Chair Beth Waller outlines four legal surprises you may encounter after a cybersecurity incident.

Most security professionals know the parade of problems that emerges after an incident, from data breach notifications to looming Securities and Exchange Commission materiality filings for public companies. However, there are unexpected concerns that may surprise the average incident responder, and each has a potential impact on legal liability. As a cyber-incident breach attorney with experience handling dozens of ransomware incidents, Waller identifies four surprising post-incident considerations:

  1. Cyber Insurance Review of Pre-Incident Security Controls
  2. Auditor Investigations
  3. Banks Halting Ransomware Payments
  4. Failing to Know Which Customers Need Immediate Notice

Waller advises her clients that preparation is the best incident response plan.

For more of Waller’s insights and to read the full article, click here.


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