EDVA Norfolk is BACK!


The world has changed.  One day you are taking your boy to Disney, he is hugging every character in sight, and life feels carefree.  Two weeks later, you worry about going to the grocery store, and your son doesn't even get to hug his grandparents while everything is sorted out.

But we are six months later.  The Courts have reopened!  There are at least a few criminal jury trials on the dockets.  Opinions are issuing.  And there is a lot to talk about if you care about the federal court system in Hampton Roads; including a new judge.  With that confirmation completed, what better time than to start talking again about 600 Granby Street?

So, we are back.  Look for updates in the coming weeks looking at motions to compel practice in the EDVA; an analysis of a special Halloween scare at Busch Gardens; an update on whether you can flip off North Carolina cops; and much, much more.

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