Elizabeth Perrow and Daniel Sarrell Reach Defense Verdict for $2.35M Med Mal Suit

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In a recent medical malpractice suit highlighted in Virginia Lawyers Weekly on July 3, WRVB attorneys Elizabeth Perrow and Daniel Sarrell reach a defense verdict in a $2.5 million suit.

The case initiated in 2019 when the 33-year-old male plaintiff was taken by the ambulance, twice, for “pain in the groin area,” just two days apart. In the first visit, the plaintiff was examined by several nursing staff members and a physician’s assistant when they diagnosed him with urethritis and discharged him in the same day with antibiotics. In the second visit – following 53 hours of groin pain and a penile erection – the plaintiff was diagnosed with priapism, which led to an unsuccessful surgery.

The alleged injuries included failure to diagnose priapism, which resulted in permanent loss of sexual function for the individual.

To read more about the case in Virginia Lawyers Weekly, click here.

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