King Tower Shares Insight on Affirmative Action Ruling on WFXR Fox Interview

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On Thursday, June 29, WRVB labor & employment attorney King Tower chimed in on the recent Affirmative Action Ruling during a WFXR Fox live noon broadcast.

The Supreme Court ruling, which was issued on June 29, restricts the use of race as a factor during the admission process at universities, making a huge impact on the admissions processes at universities. Tower shared that, in 2003, there was a decision that allowed race-conscious admission programs to continue but the Court stated at that time that they expected that policies would change in the next 25 years. In light of this ruling, Tower suggests that universities are still going to consider the impacts that race has had on an individual, portrayed in other statements or essays that the applicant can put forward.

Specifically, Tower discusses a case at Harvard and UNC where portions of the application process were found to be unconstitutional.

“Economic considerations may end up correlating with racial diversity, and so may allow universities to get to the type of diversity they are looking for,” said Tower.

To watch the WFXR segment and to hear more about Tower’s thoughts, click here.


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