‘Love Contracts’ Protect Employers When Workplace Romance Arises

Today’s General Counsel

In an article published by Today’s General Counsel, Woods Rogers employment attorneys Leah Stiegler and Emily Kendall Chowhan discuss how employers and their legal departments can navigate the sometimes-problematic issues that can arise when two employees begin dating – and then break up. According to a recent survey by Forbes Advisor, 40% of people say they married someone they met at work, and the numbers go up for those who date co-workers. But since not all relationships result in “happily ever after,” “love contracts,” also known as “consensual relationship agreements,” have become popular with employers to minimize some of the risks associated with workplace romances. The document functions as a disclaimer and agreement regarding how the employees will conduct themselves while in the relationship and if it should end.

Read Leah and Emily’s article in Today’s General Counsel here and watch them talk about “love contracts” in a recent episode of What’s the Tea in L&E, available here.

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