Syndication Made Easy – Avoiding Legal Traps

Commercial Real Estate Secrets 

Woods Rogers Principal Richard Crouch sits down with Aviva Sonenreich, host of the Commercial Real Estate Secrets podcast, to discuss the common legal traps in the commercial real estate landscape. In the episode, which aired July 3, 2024, Richard offers valuable insights to those investing in commercial real estate projects and focuses at length on syndications. Richard points to various market cycles and their impact on the number of syndications and encourages those involved to lead with transparency and open communication to protect their investments.

Richard discusses the Corporate Transparency Act, a new, wide-reaching, and somewhat complicated legislation that impacts nearly every business, including commercial real estate LLCs and investments. The filing deadlines “come and go very quickly, and it’s easy to slip off the radar,” Richard explains. However, given that there are civil and criminal penalties, prudence is essential.

In the episode, Richard shares more about his journey to becoming a commercial real estate lawyer, his approach to client service and deals, and what gets him excited about the industry right now.

You can listen to the episode here or wherever you like to listen to podcasts.


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