Beth Waller Comments on Technology Limitations for Virginia’s New Age Verification Laws

Media Mention

In a Virginia Mercury article published on June 29, WRVB Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Chair Beth Waller chimes in on the technology limitations and privacy laws that could make it challenging for adult content websites to use proper age and identity verification methods. The article discusses Pornhub’s recent decision to disable, temporarily, access to its website in Virginia due to new age verification laws until they find a solution to do so safely.

Virginia’s laws require that pornography websites use age verification technology to determine whether a person is 18. The law applies to any website where 33.3% or more of content is “materially harmful to minors.” Waller walks through some of the privacy challenges associated with implementing third-party verification methods and questions the state’s ability to enforce the law. “The intention behind the law is good,” Waller offers. However, she adds, “I do think that anyone who wants to bypass a law like that, they are properly motivated and tech savvy and will find a way to do so.”

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