John Francisco Obtains Verdict in Lynchburg Circuit Court

Firm News

On Monday, September 18, WRVB attorney John Francisco obtained a verdict in Lynchburg Circuit Court on behalf of corporate client Sitestar Corporation in a lawsuit against its former President and CEO.

The jury’s verdict came after a two-and-a-half day trial where the client sought $250,000 for breaches of fiduciary duties and wrongfully paying himself embezzled funds, and the former CEO sought in his counter lawsuit over $550,000 in alleged unpaid wages and other amounts. The jury returned a verdict for client Sitestar for the full amount of its claimed damages, plus significant interest, and it also returned a defense verdict for the client on the counter lawsuit and awarded the former CEO $0 on his claims.

It was a complicated fact pattern with extensive exhibits that Francisco was able to effectively present to the jury.

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