Vandeventer Black Attorneys Secure Pro Bono Trial Victory Against Landlord for Failing to Fix Heat for 45 Days

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In furtherance of the firm's commitment to pro bono service, Vandeventer Black Attorneys Jennifer Eaton and Daniel Stephens took on a pro bono representation against a landlord who—in the cold winter months—left tenant and tenant's family without heat for 45 days. The pair took the matter to trial and secured a judgment for the tenant in general district court. And, yes, the heat was finally fixed.

When asked about why she took the case, Eaton said:

"As most of us prepared for the holidays, our client faced the incredible hardship of living without heat. Something had to be done, and I am proud to have helped make things right."

Stephens added:

"We were pleased with the positive outcome at the trial, and that the family can hopefully have some stability."

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