Woods Rogers and LXCouncil Launch a Roanoke, Va. Business Peer Group

Firm News

Woods Rogers is pleased to be the strategic partner for LXCouncil, a leading initiator of peer advisory councils in key Mid-Atlantic and Midwest cities.

LXCouncil specializes in curating small groups of business leaders in non-competing industries with diverse perspectives and viewpoints through professionally facilitated meetings. These monthly Council meetings allow LXCouncil members to provide advice for each other based on the experiences of owning and/or leading their companies. Woods Rogers President Dan Summerlin said, “We’re delighted to work with LXCouncil to bring their peer advisory program to Roanoke. We’ve seen the success of LXCouncil’s Blacksburg groups and look forward to seeing these efforts enhance the Roanoke business community.”

For more information, visit LXCouncil.

LXCouncil Peer Insight. Peace of Mind.

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