When the stakes are this high, do you know who to trust?

In our current digital world, it can sometimes feel like nothing is safe. Information security has been turned upside down with the onslaught of recent cybersecurity incidents.

Woods Rogers’ cybersecurity team—one of the first in the Commonwealth of Virginia—couples experience with knowledge of emerging threats. We advise companies large and small on cybersecurity, privacy, and cyber resilience issues. We have assisted companies in a variety of industries—healthcare, technology, and manufacturing, to name a few—who have been impacted by data breaches. We also counsel clients with international business on compliance with privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Experts now say it is no longer a question of “if” but rather “when” a cybersecurity incident will hit a company. A single incident can bring down everything a company has worked hard to build in the blink of an eye. Using the traditional framework of attorney-client privilege and confidentiality, Woods Rogers’ team is ready to help you build your arsenal in order to combat today’s cybersecurity threats.


From helping design an information security program to crafting the right policies and procedures to fit your organization, our cybersecurity team brings experience to data protection and preparedness.

We know it is not a question of simply defining security roles and putting in place the proper infrastructure. Good security practices require building a culture of awareness throughout your organization. From the boardroom to the reception desk, everyone within your company must work together to thwart threats. Whether you have a robust information security budget or sense your IT department is practicing design on a dime, we know how to help.

Our cybersecurity team assists with:

  • Incident response planning and plans;
  • Drafting and reviewing policies and procedures;
  • Retention of cyber security experts and vendors;
  • Tabletop exercises, training, and breach simulations;
  • Cybersecurity insurance review and counseling;
  • Record management and information infrastructure;
  • Privacy risk management;
  • Assessing cybersecurity risk in mergers and acquisitions;
  • Bring your own device policies;
  • Payment Credit Industry (PCI) Compliance;
  • Vendor contract management;
  • Supply chain risk management; and
  • Cybersecurity assessments.

In addition, we regularly advise clients on cybersecurity regulatory compliance including a company’s obligations under numerous federal, state, and international laws.

Cybersecurity Rapid Incident Response

We are a team that can act quickly on local, national and international levels when time is of the essence. When you are in the midst of an incident, every moment counts. From breach notification requirements to working with law enforcement, and notifying the media, we know how to help. We’re ready with 24/7 support and counseling.