The comprehensive healthcare overhaul known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is a complex law with far-reaching implications on the financing and future delivery of healthcare in the United States.

Wading through new laws and regulations requires a strategic legal partner. The healthcare attorneys at Woods Rogers assist businesses, organizations, and individuals in deciphering, responding to, and planning for an increasingly more complex healthcare industry.

Healthcare providers and related suppliers are subject to federal and state anti-referral and anti-kickback laws unique to the healthcare industry, which affect numerous transactions and carry stiff civil and criminal penalties if violated.

We can draft leases, purchase and sale agreements, management services agreements, joint venture documents, joint purchasing agreements, and supply agreements to maintain compliance with these laws.

We also advise clients on activity affected by these rules, including physician recruitment and compensation, group practice profit-sharing arrangements, and relationships between hospitals and physicians.

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