Our Intellectual Property Law team provides complete services for intellectual property protection and U.S. and international patent prosecution. We guide entrepreneurs and start-up companies in formation and business contracts, human resources, and growing and protecting the valuable intellectual property of your business.  If  you’re an inventor seeking a patent or a patent holder who wants to ensure your existing intellectual property is protected, our team also offers the key services to support intellectual property, including:

We have extensive experience in filing international patent applications, either by filing directly in individual countries or by filing under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. We conduct and supervise patent-related searches such as novelty, validity, and state-of-the-art searches. Woods Rogers also conducts infringement searches and provides infringement opinions.

Our patent work includes counsel on:

  • Business methods
  • Education-related methods and devices
  • Electrical and electronic circuitry
  • Green technology
  • Mechanical devices
  • Medical devices and methods
  • Motor vehicle systems such as suspension and axle improvements
  • Ship loading and unloading devices, including cranes and motors associated with such activities
  • Software
  • Wireless transmission technologies

Related Practice Areas and Services

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