The Insurance Defense group at Woods Rogers defends companies and policyholders in coverage disputes throughout Virginia and its neighboring states. We work with clients in the following industries: architecture/engineering, construction, healthcare, heavy equipment distributing, hospitality, law, manufacturing, retail trade, transportation, utilities, and the wholesale trade. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in a broad range of insurance matters. Our goal is to help our clients achieve practical, fair, and equitable resolutions of their disputes. We recognize litigation can be complex and costly. We also pursue early dispute resolution where appropriate. Often, mediation is the best method to resolve disputes at any point in litigation and we readily engage in mediation when necessary. If trial is the appropriate way to resolve a case, we are prepared to take the case to trial.

Here are a few examples of successful insurance defense cases we have handled:

  • Represented engineering and architecture firms in professional liability claims, including Fair Housing Act Claim.
  • Represented insurer and its insurers in workers’ compensation claims.
  • Represented law firms in professional liability claims.
  • Defended a hospitality resort in personal injury and premises liability claims.
  • Represented insurers against an equitable subrogation claim brought by another insurer.
  • Defended a manufacturer in a personal injury claim alleging liability for the criminal act of an employee.
  • Represented general surgeon in a jury trial: Plaintiff sued alleging surgeon should have diagnosed and treated a bowel obstruction. Defense verdict.
  • Represented orthopedic surgeon in a jury trial: Plaintiff sued for $2M and alleged orthopedic surgeon failed to timely diagnose and treat a complication following knee surgery. Defense verdict.
  • Represented a gastroenterologist in a jury trial: Plaintiff sued for $1.8M alleging wrongful death as a result of stomach perforation during an upper endoscopy. Defense verdict.
  • Represented a cardio-thoracic surgeon: Plaintiff sued for $4M where he became legally blind following a cardio-thoracic procedure. Defense verdict.
  • Represented general surgeon: Plaintiff sued for $2M for failure to treat a ruptured appendix. Defense verdict.

On occasion, there are also instances where we are engaged to represent individuals, corporations, and insurance companies on damage claims for personal injury, wrongful death, property damage, and workers’ compensation.