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The Intellectual Property team at Woods Rogers provides complete services for U.S. and international intellectual property protection, including patent options and prosecution, trademark and copyright registration, and trade secrets defense.

Our team is comprised of corporate and litigation lawyers and registered patent attorneys who work together to enforce IP and defend against claims of infringement. In addition to working with established companies, we also guide entrepreneurs and start-ups in formation and business contracts, as well as counsel on growing and protecting the valuable IP of an innovative business.

With offices in Roanoke, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Norfolk, and Richmond, this team is a leader in litigating IP cases in Virginia. We understand the nuances of trying cases in this region and have managed IP matters successfully—from conception all the way to trial and the appeals process.

We have extensive experience filing and successfully prosecuting U.S. and international patent applications and challenging patents post-issuance. We also conduct and supervise prior art searches, such as patentability, validity, and state-of-the-art searches. Woods Rogers also conducts infringement searches and provides infringement and freedom-to-operate opinions.


Patents are often the most valuable asset for a business or an inventor. Woods Rogers assists clients in evaluating their inventions and designs and in preparing and filing patent and design applications. Our attorneys provide a full range of services in the patent area including patent prosecution, counseling, licensing, acquisition, litigation, and opposition proceedings.  IP team members Nathan Evans and Tim Bechen are registered patent attorneys.

Our patent work includes counsel on:

  • Biotechnology
  • Business methods
  • Education-related methods and devices
  • Electrical and electronic circuitry
  • Green technology
  • Mechanical devices
  • Medical devices and methods
  • Motor vehicle systems such as suspension and axle improvements
  • Packaging solutions
  • Ship loading and unloading devices, including cranes and motors associated with such activities
  • Software
  • Trade secrets
  • Wireless transmission technologies


All businesses have some trademarks eligible for protection, whether they are simply the name of the business, its logo, or an advertising slogan that the business uses to differentiate its products or services in the minds of its customers. Woods Rogers attorneys help clients in choosing, protecting, and enforcing trademarks. We also assist businesses in:

  • Conducting and reviewing trademark searches
  • Preparing and prosecuting trademark applications
  • Implementing trademark policing programs
  • Representing clients in trademark infringement lawsuits


Copyright protection can be particularly effective for businesses that create software, write instruction manuals, or create artistic or literary works such as movies, photographs, and books. Even businesses that do not create ‘copyrightable’ works must be cognizant of copyright laws to avoid infringement lawsuits and disputes over ownership of ‘copyrightable’ materials.

We assist clients in registering all types of ‘copyrightable’ works with the Copyright Office as well as bringing and defending copyright infringement claims in federal court.

Commercialization, Licensing, and Assignments

The transfer of rights to intellectual property can be an important source of revenue for businesses, most commonly through licenses and assignments. Because licenses are formal contractual relationships, it is essential that both parties to the transaction have a full understanding of the exact terms of the license. While assignments are usually conceptually simpler than licenses, it is important to understand the scope of the intellectual property being transferred.

We assist clients in negotiating and drafting license and assignment agreements, and our attorneys are available to apply experience and familiarity with license and assignments for clients seeking to enter into or enforce these agreements.

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