A patent is a declaration from a government that an invention or process is sufficiently new or innovative whereby the owner is granted the exclusive ability to manufacture or otherwise use the invention for a set period of time. A patent is the broadest form of intellectual property protection, encompassing not only the precise machine or process invented but also the variant machines or processes that employ the underlying concept of the invention.

Patents are intended to promote innovation and the exchange of ideas. The granting of a patent is traditionally considered an exchange between the applicant and the government: the applicant permits the invention to be disclosed to the public, and in return, the government grants the applicant a monopoly to practice the invention as claimed in the patent document.

Patents are often a client’s most valuable asset, but evaluating inventions, reviewing ‘patentability’ issues, procuring patents, devising patent protection strategies, negotiating licenses and agreements, and dealing with infringement  issues can be complex.

Woods Rogers assists clients in evaluating their inventions and designs and in preparing and filing patent and design applications. Our attorneys provide a full range of services in the patent area including patent prosecution, counseling, licensing, acquisition, litigation, and opposition proceedings.