At Woods Rogers, we look at cybersecurity and data privacy differently: not as technical geek-speak but as a strategic business risk.

We show businesses how to navigate risk in a data-driven world.

Woods Rogers’ cybersecurity and data privacy team—one of the first in Virginia—couples experience with knowledge of emerging issues. From tactics posed by threat actors to the needs of data regulators, we help unravel the flow of information and evaluate how to protect against data’s biggest risk: legal liability. Our team uses the traditional benefits of the attorney-client privilege as a protective shield while we help you build an arsenal against emerging threats in cybersecurity and the complicated world of data privacy.

We are the legal team that can move between the server room and the board room. 

Cybersecurity incidents aren’t the only thing that keeps leadership in your organization up at night: you may need to answer to shareholders, regulators, or investors regarding the strategic cyber and privacy steps you’ve taken. Not only can we help develop risk management plans, our team can create customized cybersecurity and data privacy training for your board, your c-suite leaders, and your staff.

  • No business is too large or too small for a cyberattack. We advise companies of all sizes on cybersecurity, privacy, and cyber resilience issues.
  • Any industry that keeps data on customers or employees should prepare. We serve a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, financial, technology, and manufacturing sectors.
  • Interstate and international laws are constantly changing. We also provide counsel on compliance with privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the impact of a variety of state-specific regulations.

The best defense for any company that holds secure data is a good offense. 

Security requires more than defining roles and creating infrastructure. Good security practices require building a culture of awareness throughout your organization. From the boardroom to the reception desk, everyone within your company must work together to thwart data intrusions. Whether you have a robust information security budget or your IT department is practicing design on a dime, we know how to help.

Members of our cybersecurity team have helped clients with a variety of cybersecurity issues, from helping create an information security program to crafting the right policies and procedures. We use our experience to assist your business with:

  • Technology contract review
  • Incident response planning
  • Drafting and reviewing policies and procedures, including “bring your own device” policies
  • Retention of cybersecurity experts and vendors
  • Customized tabletop exercises, training, and breach simulations
  • Cybersecurity insurance review and counseling
  • Records management and information infrastructure
  • Risk management, including privacy and supply chain
  • Assessing cybersecurity risk in mergers and acquisitions
  • Payment Credit Industry (PCI) Compliance
  • Vendor and third-party contract management
  • Cybersecurity assessments
  • Regulatory compliance, including obligations under numerous federal, state, and international laws

Cybersecurity Rapid Incident Response 

When you are in the midst of an incident, every moment counts. We are a team that can act quickly on local, national and international levels when time is of the essence. From breach notification requirements to working with law enforcement and notifying the media, we know how to help. We’re ready with 24/7 support and counseling.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Executive and Board Training

Responsibility for cybersecurity and data privacy is now an enterprise-wide issue. 

Executives and board members are in leadership roles because they are adept at managing a company through significant challenges. Today, a data breach is not only a concern for the CISO or the CIO, but for the entire company. Every director and officer must understand the fundamentals of both cybersecurity and privacy. Companies with dedicated cybersecurity and privacy strategies have a competitive advantage in this new age. Our executive and board training, designed specifically for your company, is the first step.

For more information on Woods Rogers’ Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Executive and Board Training, please complete the request form.

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