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A Note from Victor Cardwell on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Victor O. Cardwell
Victor O. Cardwell
Principal and Chairman

The purpose of this note was to be certain we commemorate this very special holiday—in whatever fashion you decide. Forgive a debt, assist a neighbor, make a friend. Do something to make your community and our world a better place. Too often lately, we are focused on the righteousness of our position, how wrong our adversary is, thinking he must be out to harm me, or simply doesn’t agree with me and thus is wrong....
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Do Employers Have to Comply with Federal OSHA’s Vaccine-or-Test Mandate Right Now?

Unless the Supreme Court intervenes, employers in roughly half of the United States must vaccinate or test employees by February 9, 2021. In those states, federal OSHA...
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Banks Will Have 36 Hours to Report Cyberattacks Under New Rule

The federal banking agencies recently issued a final regulation that will require a bank to notify its primary federal regulator of a cyberattack, or computer-security incident, no...
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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Woods Rogers recognizes a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace creates an environment where everyone works towards a common goal with the benefit of seeing the path forward differently. This approach allows us to collaborate, foster good employee relationships, build the best team to serve a client, and use the creativity of our diversity for the client’s benefit. That is what we convey as counselors of the law. Read More

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