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Worker Misclassification: Getting Right with the IRS
Neil V. Birkhoff

About a year ago, I wrote an article on Virginia’s new initiative to address worker misclassification regarding employment and income taxes. The Virginia program is an enforcement initiative backed by substantial penalties. Nationally, the IRS has a Voluntary Classification Settlement Program designed to bring taxpayers (employers) into compliance on worker classification matters without substantial penalties, if the taxpayer voluntarily steps forward. While a business might pay an independent contractor for the same or similar work...
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OFCCP Update: Possible Public Disclosure of EEO-1 Information

Update September 16, 2022: OFCCP has announced the deadline for objections to this FOIA request has been extended until October 19, 2022. Federal contractors should be aware...
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A New Day for Data Privacy: California Privacy Act Exemptions Will Expire

January 1, 2023, is now a more ominous deadline in the data privacy compliance world. Privacy professionals have been watching California’s 2022 legislative session to see whether...
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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Woods Rogers recognizes a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace creates an environment where everyone works towards a common goal with the benefit of seeing the path forward differently. This approach allows us to collaborate, foster good employee relationships, build the best team to serve a client, and use the creativity of our diversity for the client’s benefit. That is what we convey as counselors of the law.

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