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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Woods Rogers recognizes a diverse and inclusive workplace creates an environment where everyone works toward a common goal with the benefit of seeing the path forward from many different perspectives. We are engaged in this pursuit while always seeking justice along with the greater good and the dream of equality that can and does live in all of us. Read more

Featured Post

Legal Marijuana and Your Workplace: It’s Going to Get Complicated | April 9, 2021

How high is too high? For the longest time, the answer was easy: “Come to work high and you will be disciplined up to and including termination!” Now the landscape for Virginia workplaces is changing... Read more

Featured News

Neil Birkhoff Named as Interim Director of the Tax Clinic at W&L University Law School | April 7, 2021

Neil Birkhoff will be the Interim Director of the Tax Clinic at the Washington & Lee University School of Law during the 2021-2022 academic year. Neil previously served as Interim Director of the Tax Clinic during... Read more

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