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Making Your List and Checking it Twice: Holiday Party Checklist for Virginia Community Associations

Authoring Attorneys: Kathleen Panagis Norfolk, Of Counsel Duggan O'Dea Richmond, Associate   'Tis the season for community association holiday and year-end parties.  With such festive and fun-filled events, come certain responsibilities and measures community association should consider. Below is a list of suggested items that should be reviewed prior to an association-sanctioned or association-hosted holiday party. Comply with Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) Laws If alcohol will be present at the association’s...
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HR Challenges to Managing Remote Workers 

Authoring Attorney: Anne Bibeau Norfolk, Principal   Whether the pandemic is actually over or we all just lost patience with it, it appears that society has...
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HIPAA Security Rule: What are “Recognized Security Practices” and why are they important?

A strong cybersecurity program can help defend against cyber attacks and protect sensitive patient data. Thanks to a 2021 amendment of the HITECH Act, when a breach...
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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Woods Rogers recognizes a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace creates an environment where everyone works towards a common goal with the benefit of seeing the path forward differently. This approach allows us to collaborate, foster good employee relationships, build the best team to serve a client, and use the creativity of our diversity for the client’s benefit. That is what we convey as counselors of the law.

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